Community Support

At DentiCare it’s our privilege to support the Dental and Orthodontic community in providing affordable and accessible dental treatment to more Australians.

In line with our mission we are proud to support The Kimberley Dental Team Ltd (KDT) – a group of visiting volunteers from the dental profession and allied health professionals, enhancing resources and levels of dental care for:

  • Indigenous children and their families in the Kimberley region of Western Australia; as well as
  • Disadvantaged people in the Perth metropolitan area (through KDT Southern)

If you would like to be involved or support the KDT project and help reverse the chronic state of dental disease and address dental health education then contact the team.

What Practices Say About DentiCare’s Payment Plan Solution

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Decreased our in house administrative burden

“We have worked with DentiCare for over 4 years now and are delighted with the service that DentiCare provides to our practice and patients. It has decreased our in house administrative burden and almost eradicated our bad-debts.”

Northside Orthodontics
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We moved our whole practice over to DentiCare

“We have been so pleased with our decision to use DentiCare to service our payment plans for our orthodontic patients. Initially we had planned to only use DentiCare for our Invisalign patients. It was not long before we moved our whole practice over to DentiCare.”

Knox City Orthodontics
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Increased efficiency and focus on patient care

“We started using DentiCare almost three years ago. It has minimised costs, increased our efficiency and means we focus on patient care, which is what we have been trained for. We highly recommend this service! Their customer service is just impressive.”

Dental Specialist Centre
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Patients get the treatment they need

”DentiCare is a great service that has made it more attainable for patients to get the treatment they need. The DentiCare practice liaison team are really professional, and our patients who contact them always tell us how helpful they are. DentiCare is an integral part of our day to day life at our two practices.

Hampstead Dental & Smart Choice Dental
DentiCare Payment Solutions